If you see this then you must have followed an old link. The Ansgar Artwork activities have been moved to a new location under the same domain name but different platform - changing Blogger for WordPress. Go check it out at WWW.ANSGAR.NL by clicking the link here !


Looking to purchase an unique work from Ansgar Artwork to brighten up that bit of empty wall space in your house, office, holiday cottage or where ever you like? Awesome! Here is how it works...

1. Browse the available pieces...

2. Fallen in love with something? 

Lets chat! So time to get in touch with each other and talk details! 

At the moment doing research about providing an option worldwide to purchase online an unique print from the photography work from Ansgar Artwork. When this is figured out then it will be added here so you even have more options to own an unique creative piece by Ansgar!